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"When Claraliz is on stage, you can see and appreciate all the artistic training and preparation. She is a complete artist on stage."   -

A & E (Show Business and Arts) Chiapas, Mexico


"Claraliz Mora is an extraordinary artist: she is a soprano and a harpist, a combination that is very rare in the classical music world, if at all. As a winner of the International Celtic Harp Competition Paris and as winner of the first place for the best interpretation of a German song at the Komitas Competition in Berlin, she has been washed with all international waters. What makes Claraliz so special, however, besides her virtuoso mastery of harp and voice, is her great strength of heart: she is a musician who enchants her audience in the twinkling of an eye, because she is affectionate and loving."- 

Andy Lang

(Celtic Harp Player/ Song Poetry)




"A full house greeted the opera La Traviata, where the audience of Veracruz was delighted to hear the privileged voice of Claraliz Mora."-

Diario de Veracruz (Veracruz Newspaper) Veracruz, Mexico


"Claraliz Mora's bright, youthful soprano fills the telling parts with grace and sympathy."-

Dr. Frank Piontek on the Paulus Oratorio by Mendelssohn alongside the Hof Symphony Orchestra of Germany.


"... with harp sounds and her soprano voice Claraliz Mora enchanted

her audience last Saturday at the "Neuen Kolonnade" as part of Gittels Music Summer Festival in Bad Berneck."-

Bad Bernecker Stadtanzeiger (Newspaper of Bad Berneck, Germany)

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